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Hector Fernández has always considered that Drawing is one of the pillars of any plastic creation. For the artist, Drawing is an artistic discipline with its own entity. Long before humanity discovered writing, we already drew. We all have drawing in our cultural heritage as a key element in communication and children have always learned to draw much earlier than to write in all cultures.

After finishing his studies in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, ​​Hector Fernández had the privilege of sharing a studio with his father, Fernando Fernández (Barcelona 1940-2010), a leading comic book author, illustrator and painter. Fernando Fernández knew how to transmit his passion for Drawing and was able to discover the infinite plastic and aesthetic possibilities of this medium.

During his time at the Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc, an entity for artistic practice founded in Barcelona in 1893, among others by the universal architect Antoni Gaudí, he was essential for the in-depth study and realization of Human Figure Drawing. The study of artistic anatomy (Osteology and mythology) is a fundamental aspect for Figure Drawing from life, a classic in Art academies. For Hector it is one of his favorite artistic disciplines. He usually draws a nude figure, and is used to making compositions with different model postures using different techniques, materials and supports.

In the Drawing section there is a small selection of works of art with different themes, among which we find: The Human Figure, the Still Life, the Urban Landscape and the theme of Animals.

As for the procedures used in his drawings, we can find dry techniques such as: graphite, charcoal, pastel, marker, etc. As for wet techniques for his drawings, Hector Fernández usually uses: nib and brush with Chinese ink, watercolor pencils combined with watercolor and other times marker on diluted acrylic paint.

Today you can draw on virtually any surface with the right tools. The favorite support for the Barcelona painter to make his drawings is paper, in all its array of possibilities, also cardboard, sheet metal, etc. For more than a decade Hector Fernández has been making drawings and illustrations with digital media, an aspect that can be easily combined with art made with traditional media.